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For the last few years, we have used the Yes Clacks website and social media (Facebook, Twitter) as a way to communicate local Yes events and to advertise events such as canvassing, leafleting, and public meetings. The fact is that the referendum is over, and it is time for us to move on to the next stage. Firstly, we will not be running such a centralised set of events. This is because closer to the election, leafleting and campaigning will be advertised by us, but will come from the SNP, not from us. In addition, since the referendum, so many people have become politically interested in a wide variety of causes, such as fracking, TTIP, social justice, the living wage, to name just a few.

We would like to see this space opened up to keep people informed as to what is happening politically in Clackmannanshire, including everything from official political meetings, including SNP, SGP, SSP and RIC and other more localised meetings and pro Indy activities.

And to that end, we would like to offer people the chance write for the website. To put their views across. We plan to add a “News and Views” section to the website (, and we would like Clackmannanshire focused content, and people to create both long and short content. This can be anything from a review of a meeting you were at,

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a collection of photos of an event you attended, a long article dedicated to a particular cause, a broad overview of your movement, a retrospective look at the Yes campaign, discussion of local events of interest, upcoming meetings, advertisements for causes that interest you, both locally and nationally, anything you want really. These articles will be uploaded to the website, and will also be linked on Facebook and Twitter feeds for coverage and discussion.

In addition, we will provide an editing, proofreading, and uploading service, so that people do not have to worry about the technical aspects of running a website, or less than perfect literary skills. We are on hand to help! This to us seems to be the best way to keep Yes Clackmannanshire relevant and interesting as we move on from the referendum and into the next phase of making a better Clackmannanshire in an independent Scotland.

If this is of interest to you, please email:

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