Yes Clacks Community Campaign for a Better Scotland

Undecided on How to Vote in the Independence Referendum ?

Event: Open Public Meeting

Venue: Alloa Town Hall

When: 7th of July 7pm


Aamer Anwar

One of Scotland’s top lawyers, justice and equality

Tommy Sheridan

Ex-MSP, lifelong socialist campaigner.

Dr Catriona Pagliari

Consultant radiologist, NHS Glasgow.

Professor Stephen Watson

of Glasgow University School of Mathematics.

Dr Catriona Pagliari

Undecided voter? Why not come along and raise a question or concern you have over Independence with the panel of speakers. Why Independence? Do you have any questions? We hope to help you with the facts and independent information. If we don’t know the answer, we will work with you to find the answer.

Currently  1 in 4 children are born into poverty into Scotland. In Glasgow it is 1 in 2. A further £25 billion will be cut from Government budgets by London after the Westminster election in 2015. Labour and the Tories have agreed to continue the cuts. Increased austerity for the poorest in society while the rich get further tax cuts. More children born into poverty, our young without jobs, parents unable to feed their children. This is the price that the unionists parties want you to pay for their mistakes.

A no vote does not mean “no change”. What it does mean is the poorest in society paying for the mistakes of rich. It does not have to be that way. An independent Scotland will be the 14th richest country in world. That wealth can be shared. Finland has no child poverty. So it is not the way of the world that every country has people living in poverty.

Attend the meeting to find out how Yes will put an end to Westminster vandalism of our communities.

The organisers of the event intended the event to be a debate between Yes and No. All efforts were made to have representatives from the No campaign on the panel but they have declined  all 35 invites to attend.

Remember not voting is a No vote.

Promoted by Kevin Keane.

Professor Stephen Watson

Alloa Town Hall

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