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Economic Benefits of an Independent Scotland – BfS Meeting 3rd July

Event: BfS Open Meeting

Date: 3rd of July 6pm

Venue: Claremont Lodge Hotel

Main Speaker: Ivan McKee

International businessman Ivan has worked in manufacturing for 30 years, mostly for large corporate organisations, until 8 years ago when he launched his own manufacturing consultancy and turnaround company.

Ivan is a Director of Business for Scotland and sees high growth potential for the Scottish economy in many key sectors.

Why is this event for you?

  • It is an opportunity to learn about the economic benefits an independent Scotland would bring to the business community.
  • It offers a forum to discuss the key opportunities and challenges faced by businesses post the referendum vote in 2014.
  • It provides access to the knowledge, expertise and services offered by The Business for Scotland Group in one room over the course of an evening meeting.

Who is this event for?

  • Business owners and key decision makers who wish to find out more about the economics of an Independent Scotland.
  • Anyone interested in developing their business by networking with many business people in a relaxed atmosphere.

About Business for Scotland

Business for Scotland is a self-supporting business co-operative and takes no money from any political parties. We have some members from all political parties in Scotland. Many have no political allegiance at all. However, we are strictly a business organisation, not a political organisation.

BfS was established to make sure that businesses across Scotland have access to the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date information about Independence and the effects it will have on Scotland, its people and the economy. Ultimately, BfS believes that those living in Scotland are best placed to devise policies and spend money on the priorities of the Scottish people.


Register for the event and further information on the speaker.

 Our asset base in natural resources also puts us in a much better position to weather future economic storms than being tied to a UK economy which is too heavily dependent on casino-style financial services.


Register for the event and further information on the speaker.

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